Privacy Policy


Effective date:

Moalej collects information about you once you use our website and mobile application as well as other online services related to Moalej. In addition to other communications and interactions you have with us, referred to as (services).

Privacy policy will be applied to the information that has been collected and used by Moalej and will provide services for you if you live in Saudi Arabia.

Scope and Application:

The privacy policy applies worldwide to people who use our applications and services in order to request medical home care or any other on-demand services, referred to as (users).

Our privacy policy does not apply to information gathered by health practitioners, medical facilities, medical companies or health care providers. In case you interact with our services as both a user and a health care provider, privacy policy will apply to you.

Collecting information:

Moalej will collect information provided by you when creating or modifying your account and through requesting services or by contacting costumer services.

Collecting information may include: name, email, phone number, address, postal code, profile picture, paying method and information needed especially for (healthcare providers). In addition to all of the information you provide.

Information gathered includes:


We collect your location data once you request our services through our application or website. When you use our services, we detect your location once you enable the Moalej app to access location services through (permissions) used by mobile operation system, also known as (platform). We may in addition access your location when the app is running in the background, and locate your device through your IP address.

Contact Information:

Once you allow the Moalej app to access your address book, we will be able to access and store your contact information and address book to facilitate interactions through our services and other purposes described previously in this policy.

Requested services:

Moalej collects your personal requested data once you use our services including: type of service, date and time of service, service fees, number of requested services and data related to home-healthcare services.

We also gather information directly through devices to facilitate interaction between service applicant and service provider via direct contact, SMS and e-mail.

Information collected from other sources:

  • Moalej may collect your information once you create, login or link to the Moalej application via social network apps or online purchase services that use your API.
  • In any event, your work place uses the Moalej app or any other services associated to Moalej, we may receive information related to you.
  • Moalej receives an online rating and service analysis from you to improve our services once you complete receiving our service.
  • Information will be linked and gathered when you interact with the Moalej app for either user or healthcare provider.

Use of information:

Moalej uses information gathered through other sources such as personal and general data in addition to demographic information.

Where it is used in the following fields:

  • Enhancing and improving our services that include facilitating communication between you and service providers, ratings, fees, receipts, improving new features and customer service performances, security messages, updates and authenticating users.
  • Improving internal operations such as detecting and solving technical issues, analyzing information and data in order to monitor user’s performances and activities.
  • Facilitating communications between users and service providers, approving confirmations and improving date and time of service.
  • Sending information that may be beneficial to you including services provided by our app, promotions and news related to Moalej and other companies affiliated to us in accordance with local applicable laws.
  • We may transfer, process and store information described in this policy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other countries. Necessary measurements will be taken to protect your personal information in accordance with this policy through selecting the area in which it provides excellent data protection.
  • General, personal and demographic information will be stored for undefined amount of time. Submitting this information to us is considered an approval to store and gather your personal information in one place and for undefined amount of time.

In case it has been requested or we decided to deactivate User information, we shall deactivate the User account in our database.

Information provided by the user belongs to Moalej. In addition, we can use it in accordance with the privacy policy and your approval is considered a consent.

Sharing information:

We may share your personal information collected as described previously in this policy and this will include the following:

  • Sharing information with service providers such as name, location, contact information and ratings.
  • Sharing information with companies affiliated to us, in addition to other parties that are related to the service through recommendations provided by us.
  • Sharing contacts chosen by you.
  • Sharing information with your employer.

Other important sharing:

  • Sharing information with Moalej and other companies that are affiliated to us which supports services and conducts data and communication processing and logistic support.
  • Sharing information with vendors, consultants, marketing and advertising and service providers.
  • Sharing information with competent authorities in response to a request. In case we believe a disclosure is in accordance with laws and regulation applicable.
  • Sharing information with law enforcement officials, government authorities or any other party if we believe that you have violated our user’s terms and conditions of customer service.
  • Sharing information with authorities related to rebuilding, merger, selling company assets, financing or obtaining all or a portion of our other companies during negotiations.

Your Options:

  • When you login to your account in our app, you can easily change or edit your personal information anytime. In case you choose to deactivate your account, you can simply contact us via e-mail.
  • We may save your personal information (within law limits) in case you have unsolved issues such as debts, financial commitments or in the event of violating our terms and conditions.
  • Moalej app meets the needs of our customers, we help them change and erase their personal data in accordance to laws and regulations applied.

Cookies and advertising:

Kindly refer to our cookies statement to get more information about options regarding cookie and related techniques.

Contact us:

In case you have any questions about our privacy policy please contact us at:

Alnasseem Dist.


P.O box

Postal code

Change of privacy Policy:

We may change and add details on this statement from time to time, in case we make a significant change on your personal data, we will inform you through our services or by other means such as e-mail. Your continued use to our services is considered an approval to the changes we made.

We kindly encourage you to review our privacy policy for updates and modifications regarding our privacy practices.